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Stuff 2.0

It has been a MINUTE. Welcome back brothers and sisters. Prepare for a tirade of meaningless garble cascading into a whirlpool of ever elusive thought. Brimming with the tip of a concept that will never quite be verified as a complete thought. I welcome you back to the weirdness the chaos and the wierdness. I…

07 Dear Brother,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your most recent letter brother. I know that it was not easy for you to send that letter so please know that I do not respond with haste or lack of vestment. You have been scarred brother as I well know. It is no small thing what…

Unintentional Swimming

Here is an update post for y’all! Been a little since I’ve done this sort of thing, trying a different take on it this time around. I hope you enjoy! The other day I went swimming. Alright now before you go being all concerned don’t worry it was outside. Yes, it was about 3 degrees…