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Prepare for a Rant…sort of.

WOOO. This is a website that I own and now I can write whatever I want and post it. What an illusion of control and power accessible now by my fingers. This is very exciting and I’m not sure who will read this, but whoever does please know of my prayers for you.

I need to get some sort of blog out there right off the bat so I’m simply letting my thoughts go free on this one for the sake of getting something on the website and hopefully helping you, dearest reader get to know me a little.

What is conversion? To define this in my own life would be to ask “What is necessary?” & “What is daily?” That’s meant to be funny though it wasn’t a joke. I am a sinner, first thing you should know about me. I’m also a saint in training! So that’s kool too. There’s another good thing to know, I write “kool.” If that makes you cringe a lot there are plenty of other blogs by a 20 something Catholic dude for you to read…if you look really hard….CONVERSION. We are constantly called to conversion, I must remember this daily for the sake of my own growth and for the wellness of those around me. It was two years ago on May 5, 2018 that I went to confession and renounced my life of sin. That was a bigs step, but I had been through enough at that point in life to know that that if any change will ever come of this moment I must remember daily my need for repentance and therefore conversion. You would do well to remember the same. After two years I can confidently say I am doing better than I ever have because I know that I am dependant on Him. *Get ready for some upper case pronouns* He is the only One Who can satiate my thirst and He knows my name and calls me by it. He is my everything, my first and last breath. He is everything good, for He is Good. His name is Jesus and He has come to set the captives (me and you) free. He is Love. Yup, super about The Guy, He’s kind of a big deal. I hope if you keep reading you may think the same.

This is a blog about whatever the heck I think the Lord wants it to be about. I have no direction other than to share what the Lord has done in my life and what he is doing. I pray that you receive life and joy, but most importantly conviction to love and serve the Lord your God with all you have. He is loving and serving you with everything He has, let us come to know Him that we may do the same.


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