Wandering? Wondering? Widening.

I made a choice in the first blog that I wrote for this site that whatever title I started with was the one I was going to keep. That said, if you are reading and think that the titles are getting really deep or hippy dippy, my apologies it’s simply my flow of thought.

I’m at a point in life now where I have been committed to my relationship with Christ for just over two years now. That is very impressive and at the same time nothing to boast about. I see and acknowledge the growth that the Lord has done in me, which is truly astonishing. Alongside this I have a tendency to undermine the work that He has done by being frustrated with the overall progress. Why? I suspect this is a fear of continued growth.

It seems that every movie, or at least every other movie, makes some sort of commentary on how people fear change. The life of a christian is filled with frequent change, and I think this begins on the level of the heart. The Lord desires to expand our capacity for charity and the thing that most prevents Him from doing this (at least in my case) is a lack of trust in him. I have been committed to the Lord for 2 years now, yes and that means I have a lot of expanding to do. This is good, right? Right?

I know so in my head, but I find it difficult to say the same in my heart of hearts. I don’t think that I am alone in this. That is: knowing that the Lord is the most worthy of trust in my head and struggling to trust Him in my heart. So here you are, sitting and thinking about your life wondering what the Lord may make of it. You feel as though you are wandering from one thing to the next with no specific purpose. Do not think so much of yourself to presume that what you do is somehow ruining God’s plan. He makes all things work together for good. That said don’t go sin just because He will bring good from it. That is super not the point. Rather, know that if you are pursuing the Lord in spirit and truth: He will guide.


Ok true, that is a fair and valid point if that’s what you thought. Counter question, Why did you react that way? Yes I am some white dude in the midwest, so I don’t relate in many ways to you (unless of course you are the same) but does that negate truth? The Lord wants your trust. He wants a deeper love, a deeper charity for you.

Hello other reader that didn’t react that way, just wanted to acknowledge you…that’s all.

That’s pretty much all I have for this thought. Thanks for reading. Not sure who all will read this, but if you have something you would like me to write about email me! You can do that under the contact. Please know of my prayers for you!


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