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The Perfect Writer

Most people enjoy a good tragic hero story. If you aren’t familiar with that here <> is a good summary. Now let me clarify what I mean when I say “enjoy.” I think a better phrasing would be that they can’t stop watching and thus by nature of staying engaged are enjoying the story.

Our story does not have to be that of the tragic hero. I think that I can be enticed by the story of a tragic hero because it evokes in me some justification of thought that I am perfect and the suffering that I endure is no fault of my own. The tragic hero is “tragic” because the misfortunes that befall them are not equivalent to their virtue. Something that I find very easy to forget is that I am deserving of far worse than that which I receive, and what I perceive as a misfortune is inreality a blessing of the highest mercy.

Maybe now you get a sense of the title. God is the perfect writer, he will not waste a moment if you let Him guide your life. Being a Christian is the most exciting adventure that you will ever endure and provided that you respond to grace it has the happiest ending.

Instilling this into the group of missionaries that I am working with is relatively easy, and what a blessing that is. They have bought in! They may not know fully what they have bought into, and how could they, but they have encountered Jesus and they want to share that. I pray that everyone gets to encounter a Catholic Missionary on fire for Christ like the young men and women I see. Never in my life have I seen such young passion as a young person willing to surrender all for the One Who Is.

As training carries on you can see it begin to settle in their faces that mission is coming and the reality that their life is not their own becomes just that, reality. Maybe they haven’t thought of it in this sense, but they are on some level aware of the joy that it is to be a man or woman living in the true identity as a son or daughter of the Father. Please join me in praying for these missionaries!

I hope to put out another blog before I am in Scotland. If I am unable to, see you from across the pond!


One thought on “The Perfect Writer

  1. I hope that your missionary travels are filled with the joy and peace of Christ and that the evil one is easily pushed aside if he intrudes on your journey. I will be praying for you and your team. You are truly doing His work. Grab all the young people you can and shower them with His love which is surely to overpower them.

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