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So…I live in Glasgow now.

Boom, end of blog thanks for reading.

HAHA PSYCH. Not getting off that easy dearest reader. I love writing as though I have some massive group of folks that regularly check this and see what’s happenin in my little big world. Maybe I do, maybe I will, maybe this domain will die in the odor of obscurity. I don’t really know, and the question certainly doesn’t keep me up at night.

You are here, I presume, to hear about my wondrous tales from abroad. I don’t have many tales to tell at this date despite having been in Scotland for three weeks now. That is a direct result of my mandatory 14 day quarantine upon my initial arrival. 14 days in the same flat without leave is just as it sounds, lovely. It was certainly manic at times, but the Lord very intentionally placed me there. Why did He do that? I don’t yet fully know, and that’s quite alright.

A few things to note about Scotland thus far: There seems to be a lot of old things here, and most everything is within walking distance. I quickly discovered that my shoes were inadequate for the amount of walking that I was doing. This was because of the older roads and the simple quantity of walking. It’s a fun change up to the amount of driving that happens in America, I don’t think I have a preference to one of the other at the moment, but I’m sure that will come.

The work is good here. I’m thankful for a full desk and engaged co-workers. The team is gearing up for their first day of ministry tomorrow and the air is brimming with excitement…probably. I’m not currently with them, I live elsewhere, but the air is probably brimming as it were. I’m certainly excited. There’s a new ministry model of intentional discipleship/retreat that will be interesting at minimum to explore and refine this year. I hope to expound upon that in a later post as much remains unknown at the moment.

Please pray for me! I will write a more spiritual blog post soon and hopefully a more objective “This is What Living Here Entails” post. I pray that God bless and keep you!

In lieu of a scenic picture of Glasgow I humbly place before you a meme not of my own making:


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