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Hello from Scotland! I am finally sitting down to write another something here, I pray that it is stimulating spiritually for you and informative on how life goes over this way. Thanks for reading!

I have recently been up in arms with the notion of my sonship. Think about this with me for a moment. My God who is perfect on His own has adopted me (imperfect on my own) and thus claimed me as His son, making me an heir to His kingdom. That is massive. Think of a millionaire giving away his life’s earnings to a homeless boy on the street. The love that God has shown me by taking me into His home is infinitely more merciful than such an act. It is profoundly and confoundedly more generous. The act of Him claiming me as His son makes little sense from my perspective because I am flawed. I mess up! This for some odd reason doesn’t negate His love and beyond that He blesses me with all that I need to live a fulfilling life! He doesn’t leave me to scrounge for scraps of happiness, no He wants me to live in the fullness of life. He lavishes brothers and sisters who support me and affirm me on the journey. I want for not. He is my provider, I am a thankful recipient with no adequate return. I am no different in this sense from you.

You have no home here if you search outside of the Lord. You will roam hopeless and worried if you are unwilling to trust that the arms you were made to be held by will keep you safe. I will not claim to know what you are experiencing in your life this moment. I don’t need to. I know that you are a sinner like me, and like me you need to know the love of the Father regardless of your current particulars.

So there’s a little update on me spiritually.

The day to day goes well! Here! I am finally getting some much needed time off as I sit and type this on a lovely Scottish day. Believe it or not I do enjoy the dreary weather over here. My pastor before I left told me, “The weather is heavy, like the buildings.” I’m assuming that he was referring to the general gloom that purveys for the majority of the week in the atmosphere. I quite like that “gloom” not because it is sad, but because I think there is great joy in the circumstances I have been placed in. I only get to enjoy the heaviness for a finite amount of time. I intend to make the most of it.

This is a quick one, but I hope it is beneficial for you! If you have suggestions on things for me to write, please reach out!


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