03 Dear Brother,

It would seem that my most recent correspondence has been lost in transit. That or it was startling to you and you presumed I was in a stupor when writing. Whatever the case may be I am writing you again so as to attempt to explain to you how necessary your continued conversion is. “That is too straightforward” you may think. I disagree aggressively. Brother, you are only allowed this very instant to love and be loved. Do not waste time attempting to be pleasant if there is a need to be authentic. Make no mistake here dear brother, I am not telling you to be gruff at any given moment as though pleasant conversation is something to be held in contempt. No, rather I am getting to the point of this letter, because I know you can take it. It does the both of us little good to dance around pleasantries when we know that there is a need ever present. Conversion.

You seemed to have some trepidation in admitting to any persecution in your life. That is fine and I do not mean to say by any of the following that persecution is essential to being a Christian. For the words suffering and persecution are not interchangeable though often they overlap. So let me instead say, for your own clarity, where have you been suffering? If you are not suffering then you are not loving for the two are inseparable. And if you are not loving, by nature of your lack of suffering, you may find that the comfortable nature of the life you’ve built has left you empty. You constantly consume pleasure whether it be material goods, food, sex, or entertainment so that you don’t loose the precious comfort you have found. There is no suffering here, you are feebly attempting to escape despair. Suffering is redemptive when ordered to The End that is Christ. Despair is cataclysmic when ordered to the end that is death. Suffer well brother. Do not waste your precious time despairing when you could be suffering with joy.

All this talk of suffering may seem morbid to you dear brother. You may even be worried that I am a sadist after reading this. By no means am I such a thing. I have more joy now in my life than I have ever before. My life is full of so many great joys simply because I choose to see all as from God’s hand. Therefore whatever suffering I come across is from my Lord’s hand. My Lord is a good and loving Father giving good gifts. Though suffering may be hard, even painful I can trust that it is for my enrichment as a man because I have a good Father. Maybe now you are tempted to see my relationship with Our Lord as manipulative. “Surely he has been gaslighted into thinking that which is bad is good?” Certainly not. Listen with your ears brother, not your fear. Evil exists in this world, I do not see evil as good. No, rather I refuse to believe that anything can triumph over Our Lord and therefore evil is no match for Him. Thus, He makes good come from all things including evil. Do you remember the crucifixion brother? See what good has come from that, the worst thing to happen in all of time: the salvation of man. The Godman doing penance for man’s sins. By His blood we have received new life.

So brother, why would you let what others say count as more than a drop in the bucket? Reconcile when needed, certainly, but pay no attention to those telling you what to be that do not themselves have an orientation to Christ. All of these people will only show you how to continue indulging yourself to stay despair. Listen to The One who has created you for how you are to live. You do not ask the baker how to carve a turkey, nor should you ask the flesh or the world how to live.

It is as this point that I realize another distinction may need to be made. Perhaps I was too bold in saying that suffering and love are inseparable. I negate nothing of what I have said here, but would like to amend that statement to sacrifice and love being inseparable. You will suffer as a Christian because of the sacrifices you choose to make for the sake of Love.

I will leave you with this for now brother. Look for my next correspondence soon. In the meantime know of my fereverent prayer for you. You are greatly loved dear brother, don’t forget that.

-Your brother in Christ.


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