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Stuff 2.0

It has been a MINUTE. Welcome back brothers and sisters. Prepare for a tirade of meaningless garble cascading into a whirlpool of ever elusive thought. Brimming with the tip of a concept that will never quite be verified as a complete thought. I welcome you back to the weirdness the chaos and the wierdness.

I have discovered many many things in the past few months. The first of which is that I have an unprecedented (in my minds eye) ability to violently swing between schools of thought and personal conviction. This results in some of the poorest communication skills that this world has to offer. Allow me to elaborate. MULTIPLE EMAILS that I took over a month to respond to. Come on, that’s bad folks. Real bad.

I am not here to merely complain and write total randomness. I would like my dearest reader to glean some sort of knowledge and insight if they are devoting time into their day to consume this.

So here we go helpful stuff coming right up. Prepare to be the most helped. You are about to…RECEIVE.

Focus on God. I’ve been very busy of late with things of some importance and things of no importance. All of them at the end of the day are things whether they are higher on the totem pole or lower. They all must be ordered after Him. If I am looking at the things and not Him Who made them, I am lost.

What are you balancing in life right now? Time with your loved ones and passion side projects? Work projects ranging from those you care about to those you are simply required to do? Tithing and maintaining a standard of living? It’s all dust. Even the REALLY important stuff. I could die tomorrow! What then of the REALLY important stuff? Keep looking at Him. Go to adoration. Physically look at Him. Then you will better be able to look at Him in everyday life, like in the people you see. That includes the one in the mirror.

Nothing super fancy, just getting back into the groove. If there are typos that is an intentional product of my lack of editing this time around. I’m excited to pick back up the “Dear Brother” series as well as tell some more stories. Please be assured of my prayers for you all.


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