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The Perfect Writer

Most people enjoy a good tragic hero story. If you aren’t familiar with that here <; is a good summary. Now let me clarify what I mean when I say “enjoy.” I think a better phrasing would be that they can’t stop watching and thus by nature of staying engaged are enjoying the story. OurContinue reading “The Perfect Writer”

What do we do when we’re flustered?

Somewhere someone says something about how we show more of who we are when we’re stressed. I think that there is an interesting truth here to expound upon. One particularly relevant to my current status in life. flustered (adj.): in a state of agitated confusion The Lord is calling me to be holy. How doContinue reading “What do we do when we’re flustered?”

Wandering? Wondering? Widening.

I made a choice in the first blog that I wrote for this site that whatever title I started with was the one I was going to keep. That said, if you are reading and think that the titles are getting really deep or hippy dippy, my apologies it’s simply my flow of thought. I’mContinue reading “Wandering? Wondering? Widening.”

What is Peace?

As a disclaimer at the beginning here, I have no intention of totally answering this question. The question is more of a prompt for exploration purposes. I’ve been given a good deal to discern recently and it is difficult to find the peace that surpasses all understanding in the confusion. Simply, where is Christ inContinue reading “What is Peace?”

Prepare for a Rant…sort of.

WOOO. This is a website that I own and now I can write whatever I want and post it. What an illusion of control and power accessible now by my fingers. This is very exciting and I’m not sure who will read this, but whoever does please know of my prayers for you. I needContinue reading “Prepare for a Rant…sort of.”