Stuff 2.0

It has been a MINUTE. Welcome back brothers and sisters. Prepare for a tirade of meaningless garble cascading into a whirlpool of ever elusive thought. Brimming with the tip of a concept that will never quite be verified as a complete thought. I welcome you back to the weirdness the chaos and the wierdness. IContinue reading “Stuff 2.0”

Unintentional Swimming

Here is an update post for y’all! Been a little since I’ve done this sort of thing, trying a different take on it this time around. I hope you enjoy! The other day I went swimming. Alright now before you go being all concerned don’t worry it was outside. Yes, it was about 3 degreesContinue reading “Unintentional Swimming”

Scottish Immersion Program

I’m coming to the end of my time here in 2020 in Scotland and certainly the liturgical year has ended. I’ve found it very easy to get distracted with how much I’m getting done or what I’ll be doing next year. This continues to seem quite ridiculous when I realize that I’m thinking that way.Continue reading “Scottish Immersion Program”

The Perfect Writer

Most people enjoy a good tragic hero story. If you aren’t familiar with that here <; is a good summary. Now let me clarify what I mean when I say “enjoy.” I think a better phrasing would be that they can’t stop watching and thus by nature of staying engaged are enjoying the story. OurContinue reading “The Perfect Writer”

What do we do when we’re flustered?

Somewhere someone says something about how we show more of who we are when we’re stressed. I think that there is an interesting truth here to expound upon. One particularly relevant to my current status in life. flustered (adj.): in a state of agitated confusion The Lord is calling me to be holy. How doContinue reading “What do we do when we’re flustered?”