06 Dear Brother,

My good brother, it has been a long two weeks since the last letter I sent. I do not write now to rush you in response. No, my hope is to provide you with every opportunity to see my love for you. I cannot force a personal relationship with Jesus upon you. I cannot force a relationship with myself upon you. I can give you every opportunity to engage in both.

It has been a few years since you have seen me face to face. Perhaps you have forgotten the scars that I wear. I do not reveal my face to everyone I see, though they may think as much. But you cannot say so, for I have revealed my face to you. Do you not remember the marks I bear from my past? Some of these were given by others, many were inflicted by myself. Regardless of the origin they all become the same after time, a scar. The Lord has worked a great amount of healing in my life, but the scar will not fade till the resurrection. This is not mournful brother, this is joyful. It is a joy that we get to bear the scars so that others may see and believe in the doctor that healed the original wound. I say this to you now brother because the Lord has shown me that some wounds still bleed. No doubt you have some wounds concealed from your sight too. Whether the evil one hides them, or we don’t want to believe they’re there, they lie hidden. Startled, would be conservative to say of my reaction when these wounds were exposed. I do not wish to glorify them so I will not mention them here, but sufficient to say they are infected. They have been left unattended for some time and now there will be a great pain to heal them. Please pray for me brother.

These are simple illustrations brother, plain and easy to understand. Do not therefore assume that they don’t apply to you. You are subject to the healing that you allow the physician to give. I encourage you to humble yourself before Him now.

I will keep this short brother. Look to Him. When you do this, don’t look away. If you do this in sincerity, the wounds He wants to heal will become known. Nothing escapes His gaze, especially the putrid.

Please be assured of my prayers for you brother.

-Your brother in Christ


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